Everything is going to change now but nothing will be different.

Chad Winn |

Its been a couple days since we learned the results of the election and here we are all waiting to see how much things are about to change.  Some of us excited, some a little spooked, and many of us, kind of indifferent at this point. 2020 has been so full of challenges, waiting to learn the results of the election for a few days was almost easy! Our phones, TV's, Social media and mail, have all been absolutely overwhelmed with materials for months that in one way or other elude to a dark and dystopian future awaiting us all if we don't/didn't vote for so and so.  In a year when the world is experiencing a pandemic and we lost Sir Sean Connery, it is really pretty cruel that the two major political parties thought it would be a great idea to pile on more stress and sadness onto our already challenged lives.  But now that we know there will be a change at the White House, will anything really be that different?

As we speculate what the next four years have in store for us, I want to propose the following. Everything will change and nothing will be different.   I know I'm still going to be getting up every morning (God willing), having my cup off coffee and watching a little bit of the Today Show.  My wife waters our plants a little extra because it hasn't rained in a fortnight to the tenth power.  We talk about what we have lined up for the day, kiss each other goodbye. I drive to work, say my morning prayers (fast because its a short drive), Step out of the car at the office, close my eyes and bask in the refreshing now 90 degree sunshine for a minute, after all at least its not 110 anymore!  We will all continue to hope our families are safe and healthy and wish happiness for our kids. We'll buy our groceries, pay our bills, celebrate births and virtual graduations while we mourn those we have lost and worry for those who are sick.. We talk to friends on the phone or over zoom.  We pet our cats and dogs. We  enjoy a meal at home or even bravely at a restaurant.  We exercise (not me but I hear people do it), we think about those who may be in need and wonder what we can do to help out.  We go to the doctor, hopefully just for a checkup.  We laugh at jokes, get our cars washed (not the inside because that's too dangerous in the days of COVID).  The bottom line is we live our lives and they will be roughly the same in many ways next month as they were last month.

It is all about to be different.  But, then again nothing stays the same for ever.  If we are lucky to have another minute on this earth in the new normal, I think we are pretty fortunate.  At least, I feel that way and nothing will be different about that!