It’s a FUNd time with Winn Financial Group Clients pets!

Doesn’t matter if your pet is furry or smooth, chunky, or slim, calm, or insane animals are part of our family and help us relax after a long day and cheer us up! Doesn’t matter if you own dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, snakes, or even a monkey here at Winn Financial Group we love all animals and want you to share your family with us! Send us a photo of your pets and let us know what your little friends name is and what’s something wacky that they do! We’ll add it to our Pet Blog on our website.



Meet Jasper! I adopted him from Pine Animal Care Center on March 7th. At the time, he was 9 months old , so he is now nearly 11 months (a birthday is coming up). He has beautiful amber eyes and very pale yellow fur. After only two weeks of introducing him to Mitzi, they are getting along very well. If I could just keep him off the kitchen counters and the dining room table! Ah, kittens and the learning curve!



Mollie is a sweet dog that loves everyone and her toys. She is 5 years old and is from Pima Animal Car Shelter. Mollie is a Sheppard and golden retriever mix.



Mitzi, is a 3-year old domestic shorthair tabby cat. She came from New Mexico. Her previous owner moved to California and couldn't take her. Mitzi arrived in Tucson just before Christmas. At first, she hid under the bed in the guest bedroom. She has since been exploring the house and learned that my bed has an electric blanket. She sleeps at night on my bed, snuggly and warm. She's very clean and neat, likes belly rubs, and loves to play with her catnip mouse. I hope she and I will become best friends very soon.



Lacey is a grand dog! Lacey loves getting herself into some funny poses but what she loves more is her little pig stuffed animal!


Kota is a seven-year-old pomeranian poodle who spends most of his time cuddling and asking for belly rubs and ear scratches from anyone who will offer it to him! Kota is also obsessed with his squeaky toys and loves playing a good round of fetch between naps. This food obsessed boy is the most loving, gentle, and sweetest behaved pup out there with the biggest funniest personality!


Sasha is a 9 1/2 old rescue Golden Retriever. Sasha is not someone to mess with, June 2021 she was hit by a distracted golf cart driver and has sadly lost most use of her left front paw. She hops to chase a ball every day, seeks attention from all 2 and 4 legged creatures who cross her path, never a down day. Her owners wish they could live in the moment like her! Sasha is a true warrior!


Mickey is 4 and a half years old and is a beautiful Maltese mix tripod. Mickey loves to run around and play.


Zoey is a silly, serious, goofy and a sweet 6-year-old boxer mix rescue. Zoey is super friendly to guest and brings “gifts” of toys when greeting them. Zoey is very protective of her mom Jane and her house. She also is a fashionista in her sunflower hat.


This the wonderful story of Maggie that our client to us

"We were talked into adopting Maggie by our 2, then young children, about 12 years ago. Maggie is a very independent cat. We used to call her a circus cat because she would sit up like a prairie dog and could easily jump about 9 feet straight up, mostly at walls, as if she were climbing them. She now lives a lazy life with most activity consisting of running from our dogs when they want to play or chase her. She is not the slender feline she used to be for sure, but she is happy."


Meet the real one in charge at one of our client’s house, Jamie!

Giorgi and Margis

Giorgi is named after the fabulous Giorgio Armani! Giorgi is a wild, beautiful Australian shepherd who loves to hangout with his goat friend Margis!


This is fabulous story of Wallita that our client told us.

" Wallita came to us when a friend passed in 2005. “Walli” is around 40 years old, not certain but has been estimated by Dr Jarchow DVM, a reptile specialist, a consulting veterinarian for the Sonoran Desert Museum, who she receives annual checkups when she comes out of hibernation, May or June. For many years now, we have enjoyed interaction with her as she is very active in the summer and fall months, exploring and foraging in our yard, and hiding sometimes up to 2 days. She does not burrow, as she likes to hibernate indoors, usually in a closet, for up to 7 months at a time. She is very social, likes to hang out with people and other pets. In the past she has befriended our pet rabbit, cats and dogs alike. 4 years ago, Walli began experience hip displacement on one side. This has reduced her activity as she must always be monitored and no longer left outdoors in the summer without supervision. She is speedy and can get out of site fast. We look forward to bringing her out again this season and watching her dance in the rain during our expected monsoon season. "


Tonya celebrated her 20th birthday on December 4th and she is still as strong and gorgeous since day one! Tonya is a Siamese Lynx and looks like a miniature white Siberian tiger. Tonya is tough as a Siberian tiger! Tonya loves to drink water in the shower. It's her own personal drinking fountain!

Popoki and Meoui

If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. That’s Meoui and Popoki go to saying.

Popoki is a mommy’s boy he's on the left and Meoui is daddy’s girl and is on the right. Meoui loves her princess bed. Born on July 2, 2021 at the Tombstone Small Animal Shelter! These two are lucky enough to live with two clients of ours and to be living the best life ever.

Ambrose & Thor

These two adorable hedgehogs are living their best lives!

Ambrose enjoys running 10 miles a night on his wheel. His owner lines up his treat containers biggest to smallest at the front of his cage when he wants more.

Thor was born in a thunderstorm however is afraid of thunderstorms. Thor Loves to watch TV with Doug one his owners.


Little Fred had to go through surgery but he’s still handsome and has a lot of purrsonality!!!

Wesley & Drummer

Wesley is the cutie in the back giving us a purrfect model smize! Drummer is sound a sleep and scratched out losing weight as a 2022 goal!


Jane loves to take naps! She’s living her best life! Jane has a big family. She enjoys chilling with Wesley, Drummer, and handsome Fred!


Meet Pippa! This is one of client’s special little girl! Pippa is clearly fierce and fabulous!


Gemma here loves the Holidays and is excited for 2022! Gemma loves cuddles!


Bailey took a visit at the Winn Financial Group office! Bailey loves to smile, smiling is his favorite!

Lucy and Ricky

These two gorgeous kitties are lucky to be with our client Elisa.

Lucy is on the right in the photo below and she was found jumping up and down in the window of The Good Egg restaurant at Swan and Grant some 10+ years ago. Brought to Elisa by a dear friend, Lucy simply walked in and claimed her place as a new home. Elisa expressed that Lucy is a tortoiseshell. These gals (99.9% are female) have what is called “tortitude” which makes them “uber alphas.” Lucy once shared with Elisa that she would have preferred to remain an only child. This was only after Ricky had already become part of the family.

Ricky is on the left in the photo below and is referred to as a “gray tuxedo.” Ricky is part of a 3-kitten litter rescued by a couple some 8 years ago. Even after living with Elisa all these years, he still has quite the feral streak in him. Incredibly, Elisa was able to snap this photo of him which shows his mysterious nature. But upon arrival, he readily assumed his role as the great protector of the homestead. For example, one evening around 1 a.m., Ricky spotted an invader on the wall: a small wolf spider. Always at the ready, he took it upon himself to climb on top of two framed pictures in an attempt to save the household.

Snickerdoodle and Oreo

These two kitties are more than delicious types of cookies, they are curious little creatures! Snickerdoodle loves getting in every box and drawer she can find! Oreo is a part-time TV host and enjoys talking all day long, especially at 5:30 in the morning!

KC and Kona

KC and Kona are both jaw-dropping white goldens that have the biggest hearts and loving eyes! However, they hate when their owners go on trips. Kona, gets so upset she'll take one of her owner's shoes!

Bob Marley and Gatsby

Bob Marley is a rescued dog who has brought endless joy to his owners. He was skin and bones when they first got him and now, he enjoys playing with buddy Gatbsy, taking naps, playing with the flowers, and sending love and chill vibes.

Gatsby is a wild one who is also a rescue. He enjoys playing with Bob Marley and drinking out of the pool!


Pistachio is a chunky, loving, part time model who loves to play with shoelaces, look out the window, and see her wild friends (the birds)! Pistachio was found in the street and when they took her to the vet, she was super thin and happened to have a chip in her. The vet called the number that the chip was linked to, and the people said they don’t own a cat! After that day Pistachio’s new life began!