I remember when....

Chad Winn |

I'm sure we've all heard someone or have said ourselves. "I remember when".  I always thought that was something old folks say.  Well, count me an "old folk" because I remember when we would make our own Halloween costumes.  One of my all time favorites was my Zorro costume.  It was truly a family affair.  My mom made the cape, mask, and hat.  The hat was a cheap cowboy hat that she spray painted black.  My dad made my sword from a tree stake that he painted silver.  I loved that costume and let me assure you I "was" Zorro for many days after Halloween!  Oh how I miss the simpler times!

Now we have supply chain problems and inflation to worry about.  I'm not all together sure things are worse now than they were in the 70's, I'm just not a kid anymore! As empty as the store shelves may be I'll be willing to bet we can all find a few pieces of candy. And if you have some black cloth and a spare tree stake, you can be Zorro too!

Happy Halloween!